Starting a Computer Business Ambleside

Are you starting your own computer business? Get it right the first time around. Learn about the 6 key parts of the sales cycle for getting more steady, high-paying clients as you're starting your own computer business in Ambleside.

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Starting a Computer Business

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Starting Your Own Computer Business the Right Way

Author: Joshua Feinberg

Are you starting your own computer business? Do you want to make sure you launch it the right way, the first time around?

Then make sure you're aware of your new company's sales cycle.

If you are like a lot of other new computer business owners, maybe you don’t quite know how to sell your services or get long-term clients and predictable revenue. One of the first steps to building a successful computer business is knowing the sequence of the sales cycle and following it consistently every time you come into contact with a potential client.

There are six steps in the sales cycle, and often new or naive computer professionals think these are just the ideal of what they ought to be doing in a perfect world.

The reality is, the sales cycle is not just a hypothetical best case scenario. Following its steps is the only way for most to consistently sell the high-margin services you need to get steady, high-paying clients. Methods that are limited to selling products, canned solutions, and even managed services that are pretty much just commodities put lots of downward pressure on your profit margins and won’t help you build your business.

To keep you away from profit-destroying methods as you are starting your own computer business, follow the 6 steps of the sales cycle below.

Joshua Feinberg is the author and editorial director of the Computer Consulting Kit Home Study Course , which helps computer consultants, VARs, integrators, solution providers, and managed services providers get more of the best, steady, high-paying small business (SMB) clients.

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