Retirement Homes Grange-over-Sands

A retirement homes are purpose built homes for older people. They provide residential care and often include things such as meals, health services and recreational activities. Nursing homes or care home differ slightly from retirement homes as they provide a higher level of health services. Nursing homes are suitable for those who are ill or immobile. Care home also provide specialised residential care designed around each individual. Some retirement homes also provide independent living facilities for those who are capable of looking after themselves. These types of homes are usually open to people 50 and over. See below to locate Retirement Homes around Grange-over-Sands.

Hackney & Leigh Surveyors
01539 532301
Main Street
Grange Over Sands
Oak Head Caravan Park
01539 531475
Grange Over Sands
Greaves Farm Caravan Park
01539 536329
Prospect House
Grange Over Sands
Westmorland Caravans Meathop
01539 533596
Meathop Caravan Park
Grange Over Sands
Crown Leisure
01539 559080
Lakeland Caravan Park
Grange Over Sands
Halifax Estate Agents
01539 533304
Main Street
Grange Over Sands
Whitestone Caravan Park
01539 531770
Grange Over Sands
The Caravan Club
01539 532912
Meathop Fell
Grange Over Sands
Holker Estates Company
01539 558313
Estate Office
Grange Over Sands
Lakeland Leisure Park
01539 558556
Moor Lane
Grange Over Sands