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Make sure to exaggerate your exaggeration in your colour posters in Lancaster. The way you exaggerate your images in your colour posters should be obvious. Because a BIG exaggeration is interesting, and a powerful way to communicate your idea.

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Poster Advertising Tips

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Want Attention? Exaggerate Your Posters

Author: Lynne Saarte

The main purpose of colour posters is to catch the attention of your potential clients and there is no better way to do it than to exaggerate. You got that right. Exaggerating the subjects of your poster printing will surely create a stir.

The trick here is to take the basic idea you want to communicate then exaggerate it. Push it beyond reason. Take it to a different level. Make the obvious seem unreal. A man hanging upside down with his shoe solidly glued to a piece of wood to show how strong the product is can go a long way in convincing your readers of its ‘glueyness’. Or make it humorous by portraying how a bad breath can make people unconscious. You can either exaggerate the copy or the visuals. Either way you will get what you want – attention grabbing subjects for your poster printing.

Try exaggerating the benefit like the adhesive example above. Exaggerate the problem like the bad breath example. Exaggerate the physical appearance by showing a horrendous-looking beauty contestant winner. These examples clearly show that there are a lot of ways to use this technique.

Just make sure to exaggerate your exaggeration in your colour posters. The way you exaggerate your images in your colour posters should be obvious. Because a BIG exaggeration is interesting, and a powerful way to communicate your idea. A small exaggeration will simply not do the trick. If the exaggeration is not obvious then there is something wrong with your idea. As a rule of thumb, your exaggeration should at least elicit shock. That was an exaggeration.

An interesting approach is to exaggerate the visual but understate the copy. Or exaggerate the copy and keep the visual simple. You either do one or the other to create emphasis. Exaggerating both the visual and the copy will send mixed signals as well as de-emphasize the key message.

To work with this technique, it can help to simplify your message. Develop one main message that wallops a punch. If your key message is an exaggerated subject, make sure that it is clearly understood. The use of a particular typeface or colour would help to exaggerate your message.

Use sarcasm or irony by using contradicting text and visuals. This will not only catch attention, this will also make it more humorous. Then let your imagination push it from there, all the way to outrageous exaggeration.

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Lynne Saarte is a writer that hails from Texas. She has been in the Internet business for some years now, specializing in Internet marketing and online strategies.

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