Podiatric Foot Specalists Windermere

Podiatric foot specialists deal with pain and functional issues of the foot. If you have diabetes you may experience painful toes unless a podiatrist trims your nails. Using a professional will also prevent potential infection complications with your feet. Foot arthritis, arch foot pain and bunions are three other common ailments podiatrists treat. Foot arthritis can sometimes require surgery or supportive insoles or other corrective measures. Changing to specialty footwear or orthotic inserts recommended by your podiatrist can ease pain toes and arch foot pain and help you avoid surgery. See below to locate a podiatric medicine foot contractor around Windermere.

State Registered Chiropodists
01539 729400
30 Gillinggate

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J D Clerey
01539 532135
3 Burton House
Grange Over Sands

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01768 774744
7 Low Mill

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Trish Konarski
0161 9509122
134 Walkden Road

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K E Lewis Fry
01202 420919
22 Carbery Avenue

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Helen C Lifshitz
01539 733882
14 Sandes Avenue

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Ian Mccutcheon
01524 781383
Wharton Cottage

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M Taylor
01768 775685

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M E Ayres
01903 882200
8 High Street

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Janet Leggett
01252 666898
Union Street

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