Pet Stores Broughton-in-Furness

Pet stores offer pet services and supplies for pet owners. Consumers find pet dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals when working through pet stores. Pet shops are also critical to finding dog pet supplies needed for healthy animals. These stores will often carry a wide variety of wet and dry food along with snacks. Pet stores also stock chew toys, strings and other baubles to help entertain pet animals. Local pet stores will feature pet ladders, beds and other luxuries to make homes more comfortable for animals. Locally owned pet stores often provide basic grooming services to accommodate pet owner needs. See below to locate pet stores around Broughton-in-Furness.

Spunham Kennels & Cattery
01229 772609
Whicham Valley
Pet Foods To Your Door
01229 773928
130 Market Street
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Northern
01229 465791
1 Waterside
Askam in Furness
Home From Home Dog Care
01229 869161
The Willows
The Dog Salon
01229 586135
52 Hart Street
The Pet Shop
01229 770397
11 Newton Street
Roundhills Kennels & Cattery
01229 462339
Round Hills
Verstone Kennels
01229 465880
Fern Lea
Sowerby Cattery
01229 827681
1 Sowerby Cottage
Barrow in Furness
Animal Welfare
01229 581402
31 King Street