Optometrists Dalton-in-Furness

Optometrists are doctors who are focused on preventing and curing diseases of the eye. These medical professionals conduct routine tests using eye charts to determine vision deficiencies. Optometrists also work with patients who have physical damage to their eyes and need surgery. After visiting an optometrist, a patient may be given a prescription for contact lenses and glasses. These prescriptions are filled by opticians familiar with the physical design of both the eye and eyeglasses. Opticians can customise lenses down to miniscule measurements in order to reduce vision impairments. Patients can often request that these lenses be placed into their choice of glass frames. See below to locate optometrists around Dalton-in-Furness.

V Wilton
01229 463169
80 Market Street
Dalton in Furness
Adams J
01229 822417
124 Dalton Road
Barrow in Furness
Richard Haynes
01229 812654
61 Cavendish Street
Barrow in Furness
S C H Rowe
01229 837277
229 Dalton Road
Barrow in Furness
Lyn Savage Optometrist
01229 587050
19 Market Street
Eye Tests at Home Ltd
01229 889391
Suite 2 Victoria Hall
Barrow in Furness
Specsavers Opticians
01229 836836
70 Dalton Road
Barrow in Furness
Conlon & Sons Opticians Ltd
01229 821417
173 Dalton Road
Barrow in Furness
Crown Optical Centre
01229 825476
80 Cavendish Street
Barrow in Furness
Robinson Optician
01229 582587
1-3 Queen Street