Ear & Body Piercing Askam-in-Furness

Ear & body piercing is a growing field in the cosmetics industry that appeals to customers of all ages. Piercing tongue and piercing lip areas have become more and more popular among youth and music oriented sections of the population. Body jewellery which can be piercings in intimate body parts or belly jewellery are also popular. Body jewellery most often is used for belly jewellery piercing tongue areas or piercing lip regions on the body but can be used as a cosmetics accessory just about anywhere on the body. See below to locate an ear & body piercing contractor around Askam-in-Furness.

C C W Manufacture
01229 840400
Sandscale Park
Barrow in Furness
Tracey Bovan
01229 462631
105 Chapel Street
Dalton in Furness
Louise Smith Qualified Freelance Hairdresser
01229 462599
Beech House
Dalton in Furness
Marie Ann Beauty Salon
01229 466020
4 Tudor Square
Dalton in Furness
01229 463826
28 Ulverston Road
Dalton in Furness
Morecombe Bay Primary Care Trust
01229 462434
Dalton Clinic
Dalton in Furness
First Cut
01229 462376
62 Market Street
Dalton in Furness
Cut N Curl
01229 772767
2 Lapstone Road
Hers & Sirs
01229 773834
14 Main Street
Colony Gift Corporation Ltd
01229 461100
Lindal Business Park