Chiropractor Dalton-in-Furness

Chiropractors work with patients experienced spine and back muscle problems. These medical specialists are familiar with the structure and functions of the spine. Chiropractors can assess lower back pains associated with strains, chips and fractures in the lumbar section of the spine. Patients suffering through the persistent pain of sciatica may be directed to physical therapists for treatment. The most important element of a chiropractor’s work is to educate patients on preventive spine care. This care can range from proper posture while sitting for hours to exercises that improve back and abdominal muscle strength. See below to locate a chiropractor around Dalton-in-Furness.

Gonstead Clinic Of Chiropractic
0161 8330202
20 St. Anns Square

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Regency Clinic
01242 222111
76 Hales Road

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Dr S Duck
01844 213902
Oxford Road

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Leah Chiropractic Clinic
01904 659679
68 The Mount

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Winchester Chiropractic Clinic
01962 853984
53 Parchment Street

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North Walsham Chiropractic Clinic
01692 500600
6 Church Street
North Walsham

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Elizabeth Laverick
01527 402762
360 Evesham Road

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Portishead Chiropractic Clinic
01275 840055
Victoria Square

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Parker Clinic Chiropractice Clinic
0117 9245842
132 Gloucester Road

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Barbourne Chiropractic Clinic
01905 747847
County House

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