Chiropractor Dalton-in-Furness

Chiropractors work with patients experienced spine and back muscle problems. These medical specialists are familiar with the structure and functions of the spine. Chiropractors can assess lower back pains associated with strains, chips and fractures in the lumbar section of the spine. Patients suffering through the persistent pain of sciatica may be directed to physical therapists for treatment. The most important element of a chiropractor’s work is to educate patients on preventive spine care. This care can range from proper posture while sitting for hours to exercises that improve back and abdominal muscle strength. See below to locate a chiropractor around Dalton-in-Furness.

Chiropractic Clinic
01202 897989
Corbin Avenue

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Torridge Complementary Health Centre
01237 472525
40 High Street

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Beneficial Chiropractic Clinic
01325 367667
1 Blackwell Lane

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Ascot Chiropractic Clinic
01344 874202
8 Hermitage Parade

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Fraser House Chiropractic Clinic
01827 310910
75 Upper Gungate

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Barnstaple Chiropractic Clinic
01271 376776
Litchdon Medical Centre

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Arnold Chiropractic
07748 264250
Health Hydro, Milton Road, Swindon

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C Westcott
01225 460480
56 Wellsway

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David Middleton
01625 850300
Poynton Chiropractic Clinic

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South Norwood Chiropractic Clinic
020 86530831
154 Clifton Road

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