Animal Shelters Broughton-in-Furness

Animal shelters throughout the United Kingdom provide animal rescue and pet adoption services. These government agencies ensure that stray dogs, cats and other domesticated animals are protected from abusive owners. After ensuring the basic welfare of domestic animals, the primary goal of an animal shelter is to facilitate pet adoptions. Animal shelters provide basic housing to pets in addition to medical care, simple surgical procedures and food. Families and individuals can visit with rescued animals before committing to pet adoptions. Pet adoptions typically require small adoption fees and guarantees by the adopters that they will care for the animal properly. See below to locate animal shelters around Broughton-in-Furness.

Ulpha Post Office
01229 716255
Broughton in Furness
Silecroft Post Office
01229 772595
1 Main Street
Millom Post Office
01229 772574
9 St Georges Road
Bootle Post Office
01229 718233
4 Main Street
Greenodd Post Office
01229 861201
Broughton In Furness Post Office
01229 716220
11 Princes Street
Broughton in Furness
Royal Mail
01229 775403
Lapstone Road
Holborn Hill Post Office
01229 772570
49 Holborn Hill
Haverigg Post Office
01229 772338
96 Main Street
Copeland Borough Council
01229 772666
Millom Council Centre